Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Finland

While the mortality rate in Finland is quite low, visitors to the country should not take their chances and go on a trip without being insured. For foreigners who fly in and out of Finland multiple times in a year, it is best to get a multi-trip travel insurance to Finland because it is more economical compared to a single trip travel insurance, which requires to be renewed.


Expatriates in Finland and the world over are depending on multi-trip travel insurance, a product offered best by International Medical Group. IMG is popular for its superior plans backed by a customer service staff that is working zealously to deliver the best benefits through the best services.

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Relocating overseas is best managed with the help of professionals. School Choice International is a provider of school placement assistance services for expats in Finland and the world over. Thanks to its powerhouse team of advisers, SCI has been able to help families over the last 17 years, allowing them to move with less complication.

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