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There is a government public school system in France, although some 15% of children in France attend private schools, which usually aren't that expensive. The French people take pride in their system of education and have a great respect for learning and knowledge of all types. French, science, and maths are typically emphasized in the curriculum. They also take subjects like environmental studies, civics, philosophy and ethics, and calligraphy.


However, public schools in France do not have any sports teams and few even have gyms. French teachers are demanding and give a lot of homework. Public school is free from nursery school all the way to university, and it is required between the ages of 6 and 16 years. Parents will frequently hold meetings with teachers throughout the school year to discuss their child's progress. French students do not often skip school to "play hookey", as this can lead to a fine of 750 euros for the parents, and a student who falsifies his or her parent's signature to get out of class may be expelled.


On the other hand, problems like violence, bullying and drug use are present nowadays, especially in some of the suburbs of Paris. Home schooling is also legal in France, and some parents avail themselves of this option.

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