Allergies in France



Prevention is better than cure, as they say. As in any country where the climate consists of all four seasons, allergies can be widespread from time to time throughout the year.

But simply knowing what these allergies and when they occur is the key to managing them effectively. Getting private health insurance in France will also come in handy in case allergic symptoms need medical treatment.

One type of allergy expats will probably have to deal with in France is hay fever, which occurs during springtime. The pollination process undergone by tress, grass, flowers and weeds is responsible for the release of tiny particles called pollen which can be a cause for a variety of allergic reactions such as coughs, colds, sneezing or rhinitis. Taking antihistamine tablets will often ease allergic reactions but for some people, nasal sprays may be necessary. 

In France and other parts of Europe, an increasing number of peanut allergy cases have been reported, mainly due to the heightened use of the nut in most modern dishes and even in processed food. Children are commonly affected by peanut allergies which have great potential to escalate to life threatening conditions. When dining out with the family, expats with children should always be cautious about the food they order and food labels should always be checked when picking up groceries. 

All types of allergies are managed best by avoiding the specific allergens involved. Usually, expats will be safe doing this, especially with international health insurance just in case medical treatment as a result of an allergic reaction is needed.