Health Risks in France



France is famous having one of the best health care systems in the world that benefits not only citizens but expatriates and tourists as well. But like every other advanced nation in the globe, health risks remain.

And as long as an expat is aware of these risks and has private health insurance at hand, he should be safe. 

Hepatitis A and diarrhea are some of the country's most common, although minor, health risks which are attributable to eating uncooked or unfamiliar meat and drinking unsafe water. Hepatitis B may be common among health care workers who are exposed to contaminated blood samples, those who were transfused with infected blood, and those with unsafe sexual practices. Malaria and yellow fever do not exist in France as evidenced by the absence of reports of infection.  

Expats who are dispatched to work in country regions should be careful not to contract Lyme disease which can come around in the dry season. This disease is characterized by skin rashes and flu like symptoms. It is best to safeguard oneself from this health risk by getting a vaccination prior to travel to France along with other vaccinations which may not be required but are highly recommended.  

There are no major health risks in France but it is still best to prepare for any eventuality by taking heed of travel recommendations from a travel doctor as well as coming prepared with international health care France.