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There are many choices available in France when it comes to finding a place to stay, from short term accommodation, such as hostels and apartment hotels, to longer term accommodation. It is possible to share a house or rent a room, apartment or home. Apartments and homes for sale in France can also be purchased.


The cheapest hotels might be only 15 euros a night, although cheaper still are the youth hostels, which can be found charging as little as 6 euros a night. Students attending school in France can get student housing for as low as 120 euros a month. Finding the right rental apartment can take some time, at least two or three weeks.


Accommodation can be found by word of mouth, online, in newspaper advertisements, or through real estate agents, who must be paid an additional fee. Landlords in France tend to ask many questions and want to see plenty of documentary proof of income and will try to hold out for the best offer before approving prospective tenants, which is why time might be needed. Leases tend to run for three years, but by French law have to be for at least one year. The security deposit is usually equal to two months’ rent.

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