Berlin Navigating Berlin's Pop-Up Neukolln



Neukolln is a part of Berlin where you can feel Berlin’s cultural diversity at its best, giving yourself a chance to enjoy all the interesting places like this borough that is kept hidden behind its huge buildings. 

Almost every big city in the world has something interesting for working expats. It could be the well-hidden places which are unnoticed even on our third visit.

Interesting Boroughs

Berlin is constantly transforming, with new blocks built and the old ones redesigned. Neukolln is a city borough that is changing so fast that even the Google Street View cannot follow it, so if you want to see what’s new, you will have to come and see it yourself.

There are many interesting places to see in this place, like this once notorious part of Berlin. Neukolln used to have more social problems than in any other part of the city and today it is a very attractive location for natives as well as for the tourists. Neukolln is a melting pot of cultures with a lot to discover, from the highly respected Neukolln opera house and the Puppet Theatre Museum to the famous Turkish market and Sehitlik mosque, the largest of its kind in Berlin. Tempelhofer Park is a ground located near the former airport, and this place is going to host the Berlin Fest, one of the biggest music festivals in Germany. Gropius Passagen is also located in Neukolln, and it is Berlin's largest shopping centre where you can find anything from needle to hook. For those more adventurous types, we would highly recommend Kletterhalle or the climbing gym in Neukolln where you can test your climbing skills, monitored by experienced trainers who won’t let you get hurt. And if you want to have a relaxing afternoon you should visit Britz Garden that offers a unique combination of countryside, architecture and art. Also, don’t miss to visit some of the great restaurants here, Neukolln is home to some different nationalities, and this is reflected in the local cuisine. Anyway, this is another tourist hot spot in Berlin that you should explore yourself and feel the pulse of the city.