Choosing Where to Live in Berlin



Foreign assignees who are planning to relocate in Berlin are about to live in Germany’s most dynamic metropolis. Here, people from various cultures and all walks of life co-exist with each other while marvelling at its natural beauty, elegant boulevards and years of rich history. 

Berlin is known for providing high cost of living but cheap rentals or accommodations compared to other capitals like London and Paris. When choosing where to live, a foreign assignee must consider several factors such as proximity to work or school, availability of transportation and sources of basic needs. Working expats can also consult local real estate agents to make sure that the process for renting or purchasing property in the city is properly executed. There are many lovely and expat friendly residential areas in Berlin, here are some of the top choices.



  • Career seekers in Berlin should strongly consider Mitte because it is located in the city centre where most large companies are located. Expats who are about to reside here will enjoy living among other professionals and might even ‘rub shoulders’ with one of the executives or businesspeople while having coffee on one of the cafés. Flats in Mitte are a little costly but definitely stylish and are close to some of the city’s best restaurants, bars and clubs. 


  • Situated in the heart of Berlin, this area is composed of several neighbourhoods that are all conveniently close to work offices and to the International Congress Center (ICC). There are also several major shopping malls, restaurants and cafés within its area. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf offers accommodation such as condominiums and townhomes where both single and expats with families will love. 


  • Single and young couples will fall in love with this district because of its reputation as one of the top hipster neighbourhoods on earth. Here, expats will live among artists and marvel several galleries that showcase the city’s magnificent collection of Art Nouveau. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is a place where cheap and affordable accommodation comes in one package with living in one of the most promising and beautiful areas in Berlin. 

Prenzlauer Berg 

  • Prenzlauer Berg is a charming neighbourhood best for foreign assignees that will relocate to Berlin with their family. It offers a laidback lifestyle and has an abundance of vast outdoor spaces that the kids are sure to love. There are also an array of restaurants, cafés and shopping malls to visit during the weekends. Prenzlauer Berg has several types of classy accommodation such as detached homes and apartments that come at affordable prices. 


  • Located in the south-east of Mitte, this area is the least populated in Berlin. It has parks, forests and several bodies of water that expats and their children love. Treptow-Köpenick offers accommodation such as detached homes with gardens or front lawn that are best for those who have families.