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It is a city where one side of the road shows houses built in the 19th century architectural style and on the other you’ll chance upon a street of modern banks and skyscrapers.

Frankfurt, though ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world, also ranks 7th among cities with the highest quality of life worldwide. Its economy also continues to flourish and the employment opportunities in turn, continue to multiply. 

This explains the throng of expatriates who make Frankfurt their home sweet home.  

Housing and Food  

Being a cosmopolitan city and a major financial center in Germany, Frankfurt housing, whether you opt to rent or purchase your home, would be a tad pricier than in other cities in Germany.  

But despite the higher costs, purchasing a house in Frankfurt proves to be a good investment, as it has the highest concentration of homeowners in Germany. 

This can be partially credited to the fact that a considerable portion of Frankfurt's population is made up of expatriates who consider this as a good place for their family to settle in. 

For expatriates who plan to purchase a house or an apartment in Frankfurt's city center, the price per square meter is around 2,400 Euros. Buying outside the main city center would be a little cheaper at 1,800 Euros.    

Shared accommodation is best for single expats on a tight budget. Monthly rent for a room in a shared apartment in the city center would be around €300 to € 750.

On the other hand, for those moving to Frankfurt with family, a furnished two-bedroom apartment would cost around €1800 to € 7200 monthly.

A sampling of Frankfurt cuisine is a must once you decide to move in. One of the more popular dishes is Frankfurter, or Wuerstchen, which is a tasty sausage with a hint of spice usually served with mustard and Broetchen (roll).  

If you prefer home-cooked meals, basics such as butter cost about 2.38 Euros for 500 grams, a liter of milk about 1.41 Euros, a dozen eggs 2.45 Euros, a loaf of bread about 2.45 Euros, a kilo of potatoes 1.69 Euros, while a kilo of pork costs about 10.50 Euros.  

Clothing and Utilities 

Dressing for Frankfurt weather means light clothes for summer months, but always with a raincoat or umbrella ready to face any chance of rainfall.

Winter months warrant thicker fabrics and an overcoat or jacket to always be on hand. You may also want to stock up on scarves and gloves. 

Good news for the distressed though; shopping is a pleasurable experience (for you and your wallet) in Frankfurt. The most popular shopping area is the Fussgängerzone (Pedestrian Street) of the Zeil, where the city's main shopping malls are found. 

The area called Goethestraße showcases high end boutiques and world renowned names in fashion. Schillerstrasse, on the other hand, is the preferred destination of those on a budget, but are in search of signature brands. For second-hand items, funky boutiques, and unique finds, people head on to Berger Straße. 

As with food and clothing costs, the cost for utilities also depends on your preference and usage. The average monthly electricity cost for an apartment is about 52 Euros. If you prefer having a landline, monthly rental would be about 21.95 Euros. A low cost mobile phone on the other hand would cost about 19.95 Euros. 

Transportation and Recreation 

Going around Frankfurt is best done (and best experienced) through its unique subway system called the U-Bahn which travels around the metro. If your destination is to nearby suburbs or to the Frankfurt Airport then you can take the S-Bahn. 

Tickets would generally cost about 5.40 Euros for one adult for the day depending on destination. 

You may also purchase a Frankfurt Card, which can be used for any destination in the city and also gives you a discount in the city's many museums. It costs about €2.60 - 2.75 for one person and is good for the entire day. 

Other means of public transport are trams, buses, and taxis. 

One of the best things about Frankfurt is that one of the best forms of recreation comes free of charge; strolling down the cobblestone roads and simply admiring the quaint, medieval-style architecture of places like Römerberg in downtown Frankfurt. 

Many also take to admiring the beautiful Frankfurt skyline, the best view of which is seen through the viewing platform at the Main Tower. There is a charge of 5 Eurosper person.  

Frankfurt is definitely a place where opposites do attract. And the attraction not only invites tourists or investors, but people from all over to world to not just see but experience expat life in this quaint yet cosmopolitan city. 



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