Culture Shock in Germany



There are many things that make the German culture unique that creates a picture of conservatism among the locals.

Local customs

Germans generally keep their homes tidy and organised. In fact, they view their homes as one of their greatest possessions. They appreciate being able to let their guards down at the end of the day when they can relax and take a break from the often formal atmosphere in the office. Homes are not the only clean places in Germany as even pavements and sidewalks seem spotless.

Germans value titles which, to them, show respect and status in society. When invited into the home of a local, a guest is supposed to wait for the host to introduce him to other guests before shaking their hands. When giving wine, it expected to be of superior quality. Bringing of flowers or chocolates is also popular, especially roses, while carnation and chrysanthemums should never be given unless for a funeral.     

Love of music

Music is another great passion of most locals of this country, making Germany one of the largest music markets in the world. Nothing can explain the Germans' innate love for music as effectively as its own history enlivened by such great composers as Beethoven and Bach.  

While it's true that it may take a little more than usual getting used to the German culture, most expats in Germany vow that it's worth all the effort.



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