Emergency Numbers in Germany



Simply knowing what numbers to dial during emergencies will do much for an expat trying to find security in a country he now calls home.

In Germany, there are several emergency hotlines:

  • 110 for police emergencies
  • 112 for fire
  • 115for medical and rescue services
  • (01802) 22 22 22 for road-related emergencies

The emergency helpline is + 49 551 - 19 240 or + 49 551 - 38 31 80

Emergency contact procedures

All emergency hotlines may be dialled from any landline or phone booth free of charge. More area-specific emergency numbers, as well as a list of 24-hour pharmacies, can be found in any German newspaper's emergency section.  

One thing expats may wish know about these help lines, however, is the fact that some of these numbers may be tied to certain insurance companies.  

In many cases, help would have been readily available if people had taken the time to save these emergency numbers on their mobile phones or written them down and placed them in an easy-to-find spot in the house. This way, calling for help comes easy when needed. Germany's emergency services are known to be fast and efficient, and there is no reason why immediate help will not be provided when a call is made.



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