Guide to Dental Care in Germany



Expats in Germany enjoy excellent quality dental care made possible by highly qualified dentists and advanced facilities.

Check with your employer if your health insurance covers dental care. Nevertheless, expats in Germany are assured of getting the best dentists in the world, especially in terms of dental implants. German dentists are known for being meticulous and thus enjoy the high regard of dental societies around the world.  

Dental clinics

When finding dental care in Germany, expats will do well reviewing each dentist's fees and making comparisons. Those who are insured may have little cause for worry because they can avail of dental services free of charge for basic procedures. However, for services that are not covered by insurance, the costs can be high. 

One can find that clinics scattered across the country have varying dental fees for the same quality of services.  

Referrals are usually the most reliable way to find a dentist while one can also check the yellow pages, online listings, or ask embassy officials and a local dental society for some leads. Some expats may find language to be an issue but there are online listings particularly of English-speaking dentists.

Here are some places where you can find the best dentists in Germany:








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