Health and Protection in Frankfurt



Frankfurt is known as the financial centre of the European continent, and as such, its insurance industry is huge, with the biggest global companies and even international banks offering insurance plans and services. Getting insurance and protection service will not be very difficult in this city. The busy city also has quite a high cost of living making it very important to have the proper insurance plan to cover the most important things in your life as an expat. 

Getting Insurance 

EU expats moving to Frankfurt can have access to public health and social services through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). All citizens, foreign residents, and even tourists are required to get health insurance while inside Germany. Expat employees who are employed by German companies can also get the public health and social service insurance by paying a monthly contribution deducted from the employee’s monthly salary. Both the employer and the employee would have to pay for this contribution.

Aside from public services, there are several private insurance companies in the city that can offer excellent policies favoured by most expats for additional benefits and services. Allianz, Germany’s biggest international insurance company if the favourite among expats in the country when it comes to private insurance plans. 

Importance of Insurance 

Without the proper insurance policies, healthcare and other types of general services can be very expensive in Frankfurt. Do not run the risk of losing thousands of dollars because you don’t want to pay a monthly premium. Aside from the necessity of insurance, you can also end up saving a lot of money by taking advantage of the many services and benefits that you can get with a proper insurance plan. Gain peace of mind and save money on general services by getting insurance for the most important things in your life. 

Local Insurance in Frankfurt 

Frankfurt, as a global hub for finance, has several financial institutions that offer insurance policies in the city. Several banks such as Deutsche Bank offers general, life, and medical insurance. The most prominent insurance companies in the city are Alliaz and Zurich Insurance.


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