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Munich is the strongest city in Germany when it comes to economy, as such, most international companies and other financial offices are situated in this city. Both public and private insurance sector are top notch as you can expect in one of Germany’s biggest cities. Though facilities and general services are of the highest quality and efficiency, services and products can be quite expensive in Munich, which is why it’s highly advisable for expats to get insurance coverage for all the important aspects of your life to avoid paying a large sum of money when it comes to emergencies or even getting basic services in the city.

Getting Insurance

It is mandatory to get health insurance if you intend to live or even enter Germany. All tourists, students, and expats are required to get health insurance. Employers and their expat employees are required to pay monthly contributions to health and employment insurance. This contribution will be paid by monthly salary deductions. Although the public health and employment insurance is quite efficient in the city and the rest of the country, it cannot be extended to family members, which is why most expat families prefer to negotiate a private insurance package with the expat contract before arriving in the city.

International insurance plans are preferred by expats and even local residents for the additional benefits and services they provide, as well as a wider range of coverage for other countries around the world. German companies with global presence such as Allianz are usually the favoured companies when it comes to buying insurance products.

Importance of Insurance

Services do not come cheap in a place like Munich. With the high standard of living comes the high cost of living, so getting an insurance plan for your health and protection is very important in this city. Most people underestimate the cost of emergencies and damages especially when they’re living abroad, which is why they end up losing their savings or going into debt to pay for the costs of medical emergencies, accidents, or damages. Having the proper insurance plans can help you save your money when it comes to unforeseen circumstances in an expensive city like Munich.

Local Insurance in Munich

The local insurance market in Germany and even the city of Munich in itself is quite large. Munich RE, one of the biggest insurance companies in Europe is headquartered in Munich, and international insurance giant, Allianz also holds its headquarters in Munich. As insurance is very important as heavily stated in the government, both the public and private insurance sector is of the highest standard in Munich.



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