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Most people in German cities live in rented apartments or connected houses. Most of Germany was rebuilt after 1950 because of the damage during World War Two. Demand for rentals is usually higher in early Spring and Fall because of students starting their term. Available rentals can always be found advertised (usually in German) in the newspaper classified section. German landlords tend to be cautious in accepting tenants as they can be difficult to evict for any reason due to strong renters codes.


Rentals can be unfurnished, partly furnished, or completely furnished. Unfurnished in Germany means total lack of any fixtures. Renting in Germany is fairly expensive. There is what is known in Germany as the cold rent, then the warm rent which includes the garbage disposal, cleaning, water, heating, and additional costs. Sometimes it can be easier to sublet temporarily from a tenant. Temporary accommodation can be found at a German hotel or bed and breakfast while searching for rental property. It is also possible to find shared living arrangements, meaning a shared kitchen and bathroom. There are also agencies in Germany known as Mitwohnzentralen that specialize in locating short term accommodation.

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