Tax Advisory in Germany

Expat tax Germany can come as one of two types - the Lohnsteuer, which is paid directly to the tax office by the expat’s employer, and the Einkommensteuer, which needs to be paid by the individual himself. On top of this, an expat also has to check any tax agreements between his home country and Germany, and whether there are other taxes to be paid.

There are unique complexities associated with expat taxation that should be given timely attention. By taking the proper actions, however, penalties and the probability of being trapped in debt could be prevented. Andrew Baker, a UK taxation specialist, offers his 35-year expertise in personal taxation to expats in Germany and the rest of the world.

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Expatriate life is often accompanied by unique and often complicated taxation processes. Stalling an inquiry about an expat’s tax situation in Germany or any other country is thus unwise. The goal should be to keep problems at bay, such as the imposition of costly penalties and other sanctions imposed by tax officials. Speak to our specialists for free today!

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