Allergies in Greece



Food allergies vary greatly from country to country. But allergies are not common in Greece.

One of the most common food allergies around the globe is peanuts, but expats can heave a sigh of relief since peanuts are not a major ingredient in Greek cuisine, though pistachios and almonds are common. Travellers with peanut allergies can always find someone to translate the food ingredients when dining out in many restaurants around Greece.  

Asthma remains a significant health care problem for children and adolescents in Greece. Greeks are smokers, and smoking is considered one of Greece's largest health threats. Among EU countries, Greece has the highest prevalence of adults smoking. According to experts, tobacco smoke contains several irritants that cause chronic inflammation (in airways and in the alveoli) that can lead to asthma. Expats with asthma are strongly recommended to have international health insurance in Greece. Note that severe asthma attacks can be fatal.

During Greek pollen season, which runs from April to June, make sure to avoid going outdoors. 

Many hospitals in Athens or Thessaloniki accept foreign insurance. Expats should check with his/her preferred private health insurance company in Greece to avoid paying in cash as private care is expensive.