Emergency Numbers in Greece



When in Greece, it is essential to know the emergency numbers which include - 166 for ambulance, 199 for fire department, and 100 for police assistance.

Foreigners have an option to call the emergency number used in most EU countries, 112, which is a 24-hour toll free number that offers emergency services (ambulance, fire, police and coast guard) in English and French.  

Public ambulance services in Greece are free of charge, although one may be asked to pay a small contribution for routine transport. 

As a rule, all emergency medical treatment in public hospitals is free to everyone (regardless of the nationality) in Greece. Members of European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland can show their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for free emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Greek nationals.  

All hospitals in Athens are reliable; however, availability of hospitals with 24-hour emergency care tends to be limited, particularly in rural areas. For urgent medical services, one can usually see a private specialist or hospital. The cost can be reimbursed approximately 85% from IKA.  

IKA members will only be required to pay a small cost for some tests like x-rays, approximately €3.00- €5.00. Non-IKA members, however, should not forget to bring their private insurance health cards so as not to pay the full costs for all the medical services.



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