Guide to Dental Care in Greece



With state-of-the-art dental equipment and competitive prices combined with a beach holiday in the Mediterranean, Greece is an attractive dental tourism destination.

Most of the private dental clinics are located in major cities like Athens where competitive prices for dental treatment are offered to cater to tourists. English is widely spoken in major cities. Most of the dentists in Greece have been trained either is the UK or the US.

In Greece, a typical root canal for a single rooted tooth costs €67.00. Having the same treatment in the UK will cost €97.65. Routine cleaning costs €67.00 in Greece compared to €122.00 in the UK.

When contributing to the social security scheme, consultations with IKA registered dentists are free of charge, or at a reduced cost at local IKA offices. In general, dental treatment is limited on the IKA scheme and cosmetic procedures such as dentures, dental crowns and spectacles are charged at substantial rate.  

Expats who are not covered by the IKA scheme are strongly recommended to have private health insurance in Greece or have supplemental insurance that will cover dental care. Some of the international health insurance companies in Greece are AXA, PPP Healthcare, BUPA Global, Exeter Friendly Society and International Health Insurance. 



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