Having a Baby in Greece



By law, a child born in Greece to non-Greek parents cannot acquire Greek nationality. Greek citizenship can only be acquired by descent or through naturalization.

IKA affiliated doctors can be found in many health centres or hospitals. Expectant mothers can find a suitable gynecologist, obstetrician, and/or midwife by getting recommendations from friends and expats living in Greece. 

It is common to see mothers giving birth through caesarean sections in Greece. Birthing method is the choice of the mother. Obstetricians can only provide options.  

Parents are issued with a proto-certificate by hospitals that states the child's gender, weight and date of birth signed by the doctor who performed the delivery. The proto-certificate will be used for birth registrations. Usually, private hospital sends the document directly to the local municipality while most public hospitals give it to the parents.  

Birth registrations in Greece are applied through the local town hall (dimarchio) and must be made within 10 days after the birth. Non-Greek citizens should check with their respective embassy or consulate for complete birth registration process.  

If not insured through IKA, foreign nationals are advised to get coverage through international health insurance in Greece. Costs of treatments prior to delivery tend to be costly, especially with private clinics. A typical ultra-sound scan in private clinics costs approximately €70.00. Having insurance will reduce the high costs related to giving birth.



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