Pet Import Regulations in Greece



Pet owners should leave worries behind when relocating pets to Greece. Cases of rabies are rare and most islands are rabies-free. 

As a member state of EU, Greeks follows EU import regulations. In general, cats and dogs with EU pet passport can travel easily in Greece. Pet passports contain all valid rabies vaccinations. 

Prior to pet relocation, all pets coming from non-EU countries will need a microchip or tattoo. Pet animals (dogs, cats, ferrets) must be identified by means of an electronic microchip that complies with ISO Standards 11784 or Annex A to ISO Standard 11785. Rabies vaccination certificates must be signed by an official vet from the country of origin. A standard veterinarian health certificate (or Form EC#998) must be filled out by a vet. See the Ministry Agriculture website for more information: 

Remember that each airline has different pet transport regulations. Pet owners should make the necessary reservations or arrangements in advance to avoid any hassle. Otherwise, pet owners can search for a reliable pet relocation service in Greece for assistance. 

Importing birds to Greece is strictly prohibited, particularly parrots. 

Pet owners need to declare the pets upon arrival in Greece through a private practicing vet. Numbers of veterinarians are listed in yellow pages.



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