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Mail Forwarding in Greece

Mail forwarding services in Greece are available if you wish to have privacy and not reveal your home address. As soon as they receive the sealed and addressed mail, they will then re-mail it upon confirmation. Whether it is receiving or sending mails, they do the job for you. You can choose between a personal and a business package, either of which may allow you to have at least 2 names or aliases per box.

Earth Class Mail is a mail forwarding services specialist in Greece. The services they offer includes images of the envelope you receive, 24-hour access to live customer support, in-store pick up, and unique document scanning. They also managed to establish secure addresses where your items can be shipped without having to compromise your privacy.

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US Global Mail will look over your mails and packages while you stay in Greece. They have created a mail forwarding solution to all your worries while overseas. They offer bundle packages wherein you will receive multiple items in just one package in a cheaper payment fee. Also, get real time updates on the status of your packages.

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