International School Advisory in Honduras

If you wish to enroll your kids in an international school in Honduras, you can find some of these institutions in several towns. They have an American-style system and offer good quality education that meets the standards of other western countries. Find one that has already established a good reputation among the expats in the country.

Expat parents worry about their children when they have to adjust to a new culture and educational set-up. School Choice International helps to make the transition positive and productive through school placement assistance services. SCI has more 140 consultants on standby and eager to help families moving to Honduras and beyond.

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Expatriate life is known for its unforgettable thrills, but for people moving with kids, it is also a huge a responsibility. Having to find a suitable school that will allow the kids to adjust seamlessly into the local academic environment makes it an even more serious matter. When seeking advice on school placements in Honduras, expat parents can count on the Good Schools Guide International, an organization consisting of expats, educators and concerned parents who provide advice based on what they have personally experienced with the Honduran educational culture.

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