Allergies in Honduras



Part of relocating to Honduras is getting to know the potential allergens that may be found in the country so one can prepare accordingly, including securing private health insurance.

One of the things expatriates may have to get used to this Central American destination is the local food. Anyone allergic to beans may have to be more cautious when dining out because here, almost all dishes have beans. Avocado is another favorite Honduran dish ingredient and people who are sensitive to both beans and avocado should always ask waiters about the menu before ordering or eating anything.

Honduran rosewood is another potential allergen an expat may deal with in Honduras. This wood contains a certain type of skin irritant called dalbergione, in which the main effect is inflammation or irritation of the skin. It is quite abundant in the country and various products are being made out of it and sold locally. For example, Honduran rosewood guitars and body piercings are quite famous. For anyone with sensitive skin, it is best to be wary about coming in contact with any type of wood and wood products.

When moving to Honduras, allergies could be something to look into with the help of a travel health specialist. This professional will be able to give medical advice on what particular allergens one may expect and the precautions that must be taken. Of course, international health insurance in Honduras will contribute greatly to making one's stay as comfortable and secure as possible.