Basics of banking in Honduras



Banks in Honduras can be found in all major cities in the country. Personal savings, loans, checking accounts, and other banking transactions are still offered. Major credit and debit cards are accepted in almost all establishments while ATMs also remain very popular.

To apply for a bank account in Honduras, two letters of recommendation from two persons who already have an account in the same bank are necessary, along with a valid identification card. Banks in this country offer accounts in dollars and in the local currency, the lempira. Expats are generally advised to have accounts in both currencies to make it easier to use money locally or move money out of the country.

In Honduras, people are opening up to the online banking system, which is a very convenient alternative to traditional banking. This makes things easier for expats who will not have to be physically present at a bank in order to do basic transactions.

Another convenient way to bank in Honduras is with the use of a debit card account in lempira, which allows one to withdraw money easily from ATM machines. Money transfers in Honduras are allowed; however, it is necessary to talk to the bank and know their policy about international money transfer for an easier transaction.