Cost of Living in Honduras



Honduras is a country for artists and dreamers. It is a place where the breeze lifts fresh ocean air and lets you breathe it through your windows. This is a nation that attracts the pragmatists whereas one can indulge in dreams even on a limited budget.

Aside from the low crime rates and top-notch health care system, the cost of living is also one of the reasons why expats choose this country. In fact, the cost of living in Honduras is roughly 22% lower than in Costa Rica and around 37% lower than in the United States. Expats in this country can achieve a comfortable life with just a budget of 35,300 Honduran Lempira (L) or USD 1,500 per month, thanks to the affordable prices in the local market. Honduras is indeed a nation with undisputable beauty where people can live in a paradise-like environment without the worry of compromising their finances.

Average Rental Prices

Though purchasing a house is an enticing idea since there are affordable properties in the local real estate market, many expats still consider renting out. Renting a house or apartment takes It is the second largest expenditure of an expat in Honduras, and it normally takes about 18% of an individual or household’s income. In some major cities like Tegucigalpa, the capital, one may be able to live in an apartment or home with modern conveniences. However, it is always considerable to look for rentals outside the city centre especially if there is a particular housing budget. Below is a short example of the monthly rental prices in Honduras that expats can use as a guide.

  • One bedroom apartment (city centre) – L 6,950 or USD 295
  • One bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) – L 5,450 or USD 230
  • Three bedroom apartment (city centre) – L 13,940 or USD 590
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside the city centre) – L 10,950 or USD 465
  • Two bedrooms detached house in Roatan (furnished) – L 42,300 or USD 1,800

Utilities are seldom included in then rental cost in Honduras. Expats in this country should budget at least L 2,900 or USD 125 per month to cover their electricity, heating and water bills.

Big Savings in Outdoor Markets

Food is the highest expenditure of a person living in Honduras which takes about 33% of one’s monthly income. Expats should know that most of the supermarkets sell imported items and brand products which can be quite pricey. Products of this kind are much more expensive than their locally produced counterparts because of the import taxes and the transportation cost. It is always best to purchase locally produced fresh products from the outdoor markets, a great way of shopping which can help stretch an expat family’s food budget. Below is the list of commonly bought items in Honduras along with their prices:

  • One kilogramme of rice – L 33 or USD 1.40
  • A dozen eggs – L 45 or USD 2
  • One litre of milk – L 25 or USD 1.08
  • One kilogramme of locally produced cheese – L 90 or USD 4
  • One kilogramme of beef round – L 180 or USD 8
  • One Kilogramme of boneless chicken breasts – L 105.88 or USD 4.50
  • One kilogramme of apples – L 63 or USD 3
  • One kilogramme of potato – L 25 or USD 1.23
  • One kilogramme of onion – L 25 or USD 1.05
  • A bottle of mid-range wine – L 215 or USD 9.10

Cost of Daily Transportation

Transportation in Honduras is far from costly, whatever mode you take - land, sea or air. Honduras boasts an extensive network of buses where the cost of tickets is quite cheap. Buses are also the primary mode of transportation in this country since they have routes connecting major cities and surrounding towns. Domestic Flights are also affordable and is the best way to travel farther areas such as Guanaja Island and Mosquito Coast.

  • Direct bus ride from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa – L 165 or USD 7
  • One –way bus ticket – L 13 or USD 0.55
  • Monthly bus pass – L 585 or USD 25
  • Domestic flight from Tegucigalpa to Roatan (one way) – L 2,400 or USD 102
  • Domestic flight from Tegucigalpa to Roatan (round trip) – L 4350 or USD 185

Honduras is fairly a nice place to reside in and any expatriate will be quick to realize that. Where cost of living is cheap, everything else is probably high, including quality of life.


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