Emergency Numbers in Honduras



Staying in Honduras can be more comfortable for expatriates who take the time to list down emergency numbers they can call when they need. Being an expat alone means there will be fewer friends and fewer relatives to rely on for assistance, especially during one's first few months in the country. Hence, there is no question about having these numbers in handy, at home or elsewhere.

For general emergencies, expats can call 234-5944, 234-6981, 234-6369 or 234-6571. To call specifically for police, one can call 199 for information and 237-1400 for an actual emergency.

For medical situations, the Red Cross in Honduras provides emergency assistance per area. In Tegucigalpa, one may call 195 or 227-7575, in San Pedro Sula, 195 or 553-1283 and in La Ceiba, 195 or 443-0707. For fire emergencies, the main helpline is 198 but for certain areas, one may also call specific numbers. For Carrizal, 223-1750, Col. La Haya, 223-4600, Col. Kennedy, 228-0454 and Barrio Morazán, 231-1666.

There are certain phone numbers which are not meant for emergencies but may provide very useful help. For assistance on electricity-related issues, one may call 232-8472 (Tegucigalpa), 232-8470 (San Pedro Sula) or 882-0468 (Choluteca). For water supply-related problems, one may call 246-1076 (Tegucigalpa), 882-0245 (Choluteca) or 441-0049 (La Ceiba). The Ministerio Publico may be accessed at 221-3099, 221-3099, 221-3122, 225-0504 or 225-4045.

As an expatriate in Honduras, these numbers can be very helpful and are best saved in one's mobile phones or in a spot in the house where everyone in the family can see them.



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