Guide to Dental Care in Honduras



The public health care system in Honduras is not one of the best in Central America and while it theoretically covers basic dental services, most expats seek international dental insurance in Hondurasto avail of quality dentistry.

There are various dental volunteer programs in the country and these provide for most of the people's dental needs. Services offered by private dentists can also quite limited, thus, restricting the freedom that expats want with regards to their oral care. For this reason, many of them go to Merida, a Mexican city, which is said to be the dental capital of the region.

In Honduras, there are many volunteer programs that are being administered by various dental organisationsorganisations from the US and Europe. These programs offer various services from providing remedies for cleft palates to root canals and other dental services which are often considered basic. For more complicated dental procedures, expats and locals usually seek out a private dentist elsewhere.

For those who would rather avail of local dental services, they can come to a private clinic and be a paying client. They pay dentists the cost of their treatment directly and file for reimbursement with their public or private health insurance in Honduras provider.