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Honduras is one of the most stable countries in Central America, and because of that, getting insurance and protection services will not be very difficult in this country. There are several international insurance companies present in Honduras, and the coverage of their local insurance can extend to the rest of Central America and the Caribbean. Learn more about how to take advantage of insurance services and how you can protect your family and assets in Honduras. 

Getting Insurance

The public insurance sector in the country is not the most efficient, and a bit hard to access. Foreign employees in Honduras are required to make a 3.5% contribution out of their salary for social service and employment insurance, while employers are required to contribute 7.2%.

It is highly advisable to get private insurance in the country, and most expats choose to get insurance from global insurance companies for the stability of the company, wider range of coverage and very specialised services for expats. In terms of health insurance, international insurance policies also mean that they can seek better medical treatment overseas, or in bigger countries near Honduras if necessary. Some of the biggest names in insurance such as AIG and Aon offer services in Honduras.

Importance of Insurance

Some people don’t value security as much as they should, but this should be a top priority when you’re living abroad. Getting an insurance coverage, not just for health, but also for other valuable things that need protection and coverage. Insurance plans can safeguard your savings and prepare you for an unforeseen circumstance that can cost a lot of money, but they can also offer services that can help improve and maintain your lifestyle abroad. Most international insurance plans have very specific expat services such as medical evacuation and repatriation. They also offer the convenience of access to your medical records no matter where you are in the world and roadside assistance service. Honduras can offer public health and employment insurance for foreigners, but it is very limited and can be inefficient. Save yourself the hassle and possible danger of living without protection by getting fully covered while you’re overseas.


Get Protected with a life insurance plan in Honduras

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Local Insurance

The local insurance industry in Honduras has been dominated by international insurance for years. Small private insurance companies are available and some offer regional coverage in Central America and the Caribbean. The Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG) offer local and regional coverage for general, life, and health insurance in Honduras and is the most stable local insurance option in the country. It is highly advisable, however, for expats to get international insurance plans in the country for better services, wider coverage, and convenience.


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