Pet Import Regulations in Honduras



Hiring a professional pet relocation service to Honduras can make pet relocation to this country quick and easy. With expert advice, the process can be much easier and simpler.

Generally, relocating pets to Honduras requires each animal to come with identification in the form of an ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785-compliant microchip. Any other type of animal identification will not be accepted. However, when this chip is not available, the pet owner should send a scanner along with the pet.

Usually, this device is attached to the crate during transit.

Documents to be submitted include an original Rabies Certificate which must indicate that the animal has been given an inactivated rabies vaccine which may be valid for one or two years. This must include when the vaccination was given, its validity and the animal's microchip number. The pet must also come with a Veterinarian's Certificate to be issued by a government-accredited veterinarian in the animal's country of origin no earlier than ten days before departure.

It is important to know that pet transport guidelines may change from time to time. To avoid delays and inconveniences in the process, it is best to hire an international pet relocation company in Honduras, professionals who will be most knowledgeable and experienced in terms of pet transport.



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