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The relationship between the tenant and the landlord in Honduras is considered public. The two parties can freely decide on the terms and conditions of their rental agreement, including the initial payment and rental increases, if any. However, increase of rental fees is only allowed when the value of the property exceeds $2000. Beyond this, the Rent Tribunal will handle each case according certain real estate laws and procedures.

Even as landlords and tenants can freely decide between themselves regarding the terms of their contracts, there are fixed Honduran leasing policies that should be carried out in the agreement, one of which is the prohibition of the eviction of a tenant without a written notice given at least 60 days ahead. Deposits are not mandatory in Honduran law but it is a norm in the real estate industry. A would-be tenant is expected to pay rent at least 2 or 3 months in advance. When the tenant leaves, the deposit will be returned to the tenant or used for repairs that are not considered regular wear and tear, while any excesses will also be returned.

Condominiums have been a popular haven for foreigners who have decided to move to Honduras. Expats often feel more secure in these communities as condominium owners have strict rules and regulations to be followed by their tenants. Maintenance and insurance of the property are charged to the association, while miscellaneous and utilities bills are normally to be charged to and shouldered by the renter.



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