Tax Advisory in Honduras

Since the cost of living in Honduras is fairly low, the tax can also be considered as average. Income tax for individuals is up to 30 percent and for corporations is also 30 percent, 25 percent of which is for tax alone and 5 percent is for temporary social contributions tax. There are also other forms of taxes, which includes VAT (value added tax) and capital gains tax, to be specific.

Expats may assume they need to pay taxes in two countries, unaware that this is not always what is required. There are tax treaties that have been inked between nations for the purpose of avoiding double taxation. UK-based tax expert Andrew Baker, in the industry for almost four decades, helps in clearing this confusion and relieving unneeded stress for expats in Honduras.

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It is necessary for expatriates in Honduras and other parts of the world to worry about their taxes and corresponding legal responsibilities as they relocate. Tax Advisory Expatriates is a specialized firm which understands the tax needs of their clients so well and is always available to help expats with tax planning and requirements.

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