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The government of Hong Kong spends around 20% of its budget on Education. This spending has led to a top quality public educational system and eight top rank Universities in Hong Kong. Kindergarten is optional from age 3 for Hong Kong children, but 6 years of primary school become obligatory from the age of 6 years. Following this, in secondary school, Hong Kong students are divided according to their academic ability or potential, into three "bands".


The first three years of secondary school are required for all, while the next two are required for attendance at a university. Courses in the Hong Kong public school system are offered in the Cantonese language. However there are in addition to these many private schools that are mainly for children of foreigners who are living in Hong Kong.


The universities in Hong Kong charge tuition that would be considered exorbitant in some countries. A year of university education in Hong Kong can cost approximately 10,000 US dollars. Some knowledge of the English language is requirement for attendance at one of these universities, and around 66% of the student population in Hong Kong does go on to pursue a higher education following high school.

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