Activities for Kids in Hong Kong



People think Hong Kong is a fabulous place for a reason. While adults get to enjoy a shopping frenzy, kids can also have fun in Hong Kong. And the fun doesn’t stop with the activities found in different independent schools across the city.

Family attractions

Without a doubt, Hong Kong's Disneyland is the country's most popular kid attraction. But more than this multi-acre fun land are other less explored activities that can bring just as much delight to the little ones. Museums abound with admission fees that allow the kids to tour and discover their interests in art, heritage, space, history and coastal defence on any budget.

The beaches are also not to be missed, especially on Lantau Island where the weather can be perfect for a nice dinner at any of the waterfront restaurants such as The Steop. Children with a passion for marine life can visit the pink dolphins and other attractions at Ocean Park in Aberdeen. Teens can enjoy paintballing, ice skating and air-soft shooting, among the many activities they can do at Kowloon tong or City Plaza.

The list of fun things to do for kids in Hong Kong is long but that's exactly the point. When they are in Hong Kong, the fun may never stop.



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