Allergies in Hong Kong



There are some allergies in Hong Kong expats and their children may have to deal with. However, these are usually non-life threatening and can be managed by taking a few precautions or treatment, which can be covered by international health insurance in Hong Kong.

Asthma and other common allergies

One of the most common allergic reactions for children is asthma. There are many who would miss school because of asthma attacks brought about environmental factors, particularly, air pollution being the number one irritant for the young ones. Asthmatic children will usually experience nasal congestion, cough and colds and some difficulty in breathing, but with the right paediatric supervision, these symptoms will usually be in control.

Other allergens that cause asthma in children include moulds, cockroach, pollen, animals and even food such as peanuts, seafood, eggs and strawberries. The number of children developing this condition in Hong Kong has consistently increased over the last ten years. It would be best for parents to make sure these allergens are out of the way, especially those found in food which usually bring more serious side effects.

For adults, mite allergies are very common, especially during summer due to country's subtropical climate conditions. The humidity and warm weather during the season make it a favourite breeding season for mites, which usually stick to quilts, pillows, blankets and mattresses that are stored for a long time.

When it comes to allergies, the key point to remember is to keep allergens out of the way and, when attacks are inevitable, to have sufficient security provided by state or private health insurance in Hong Kong.