Applying for a Visa in Hong Kong



The visa application process in Hong Kong is straight forward and efficient so long as you have the proper requirements for the type of visa that you need.

For visa application, you need to go to the Hong Kong Immigration Department which is located at the following address:

2/F Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wanchai

Tel: (852) 2824 6111 

Tourist Visa

Hong Kong operates a liberal visa policy in that citizens of more than 170 countries do not require a visa to enter Hong Kong as a tourist if the intended length of stay is between seven days and six months.

Spouse or Dependent visa (X-visa)

A spouse is allowed to work in Hong Kong on a dependent visa. A partner can only have a tourist visa and is not authorised to work unless sponsored by his/her employer.

Dependents of people on employment visas (as professionals, investors or for training) or as capital investment entrants are also allowed to work.

However, dependents of people on student visas are not permitted to work unless they have obtained permission from the Director of Immigration.

Student Visa 

This type of visa is required for any foreigner who intends to study either full time or part time in any accredited educational institution in Hong Kong. Upon application, you need to submit the visa form completed by you and your school which in most cases will serve as your sponsor.

Proof of academic qualifications and acceptance by the institution has to be shown, as well as a completed Declaration on Applicant’s living cost and financial documentation form. Copies of your passport and other supporting identification papers are also required.