Choosing where to live in Hong Kong



Hong Kong has an estimated population of 2.2 million people. 6.4 % of it is composed of expats from different nationalities. The city is divided into three regions which are further subdivided into 18 districts. Here are some of the neighbourhoods that you can consider living in when you move to Hong Kong.



  • Located in the hills of Wan Chai and Central, this neighbourhood with a magnificent view is a popular residence for expats in Hong Kong. It provides great convenience when it comes to transportation going to work since it is near the business district. Mid-Levels is a great place for young expats looking for an exciting city lifestyle. It is also recommended to those relocating with their children because of several international schools and hospitals situated in the area.

Mid-Levels Central

  • This area of the Mid-Levels is just a short distance away from the most visited nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong and Soho. Though considered as the heart of Hong Kong, Mid-Levels Central still has a strong laid back vibe because of its beautiful, tree-lined winding roads. It is famous for The Bowen green jogging path and Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest escalator in the whole world.

Repulse Bay

  • This is a lovely neighbourhood lined with palm trees and blessed with a great view of the South China Sea. Repulse Bay is complete with shops, grocery stores, hospitals and several other services that will meet your everyday needs. Expats with children find this neighbourhood a great place to live in since it has bigger apartments and houses as well as vast outdoor space. Several International Schools are also nearby Repulse Bay.

North Point

  • Though there is a shortage of luxurious shopping malls and stores, this area is still considered to be a popular residence for expats because of the cheap apartment rents. Accessibility in and around the area is made easy by North Point’s accessible public transport 24hrs a day. There are also several family-owned, traditional shops, markets and restaurants in North Point.

Clearwater Bay

  • This area is known for its two beaches and wide open spaces suitable for expats with children. Few apartments can be found here but there is an abundance of large houses and villas with parking spaces. Though there is public transport in the area, it is more advisable to own a car since Clearwater Bay is a little far from the centre of the city. Parents will also find this neighbourhood perfect because of the kindergarten and schools within the community.