Having a Baby in Hong Kong



Expat women who find themselves in Hong Kong have a lot to be thankful for with its wide range of world-class hospitals and birthing facilities and doctors who are some of the best in the world.

The first step for any woman who thinks she might be pregnant is to confirm her suspicions. She can check online for listings of local obstetricians or ask friends or colleagues for referrals. The Yellow Pages may also provide some good options, or if one just can't take any chances, an inquiry lodged at the Obstetrical and Gynecological Society of Hong Kong office can provide valuable help.

Medical facilities

Women can generally deliver in public hospitals for free but will have to make early bookings. Those who are not qualified for this may choose a private hospital where services come with widely varying costs. Thus, it is best to check and compare hospitals and professional fees before deciding on any options. Ensure also that if you have international health insurance that includes the cost of childbirth. This is especially important as Hong Kong is known to offer some of the most expensive health care services in the world.

There are women who prefer and may be more comfortable delivering their babies at home and unless the pregnancy is considered high-risk, this may be arranged with a midwife who will also be preparing a birth conducive environment just before delivery. Women with high-risk pregnancies, however, are always better off delivering in hospitals.

There are many options for a pregnant woman to consider when birthing in Hong Kong. But whichever she may choose, she can be assured that she will be the safest she can be.



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