Healthcare in Hong Kong



Modelled after the United Kingdom’s healthcare system in 1990, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, together with its Department of Health, aims to bring quality healthcare to anyone residing in Hong Kong.

Another goal of the department is to promote healthy living through preventive and curative measures and implement health policies for all Hong Kong residents.

Health Policies

Healthcare in Hong Kong is of a world-class standard, evident by their ability to recuperate from the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and avian flu outbreaks. Also, Hong Kong's health care system has significantly contributed to the progress of liver transplantations.

Hong Kong has the world's second highest life expectancy at 84 for women and 78 for men and fourth lowest infant mortality rate at 2.94.

As one of the freest economies in the world, Hong Kong permits patients to choose between private and public health care. There are 12 private hospitals with international healthcare accreditation from the United Kingdom and more than 50 public hospitals.

Despite the government's efforts to provide low-cost healthcare, Hong Kong, along with Israel, ranks second to the United States of America as the most expensive healthcare system in the world.

Medical Centres

There are 31 Maternal and Child Health Centers (MCHCs) and three Woman Health Centers (WHCs) in Hong Kong. The superior quality of these centres has prompted mainland Chinese women to cross the border to give birth in Hong Kong. At the same time, they get the right of abode enjoyed by any Hong Kong-born citizens for their children and escape China's one-child policy. This influx resulted in the Hong Kong government's price reform to increase the basic childbirth cost to HK$46,595.40 (US$6,000) (excluding other concerns like anaesthetics). For more information about Hong Kong's Family Health Service, visit their official website.

Employers must, by law, sponsor their foreign employees' healthcare. Health insurance for expats can be either local or international. A local health insurance policy in Hong Kong will charge premiums based on the city's present medical costs and any attempts to increase the set premiums are penalised. The cover is only for a limited period and is not renewable.

On the other hand, an international health insurance promises a higher level of coverage. The premium amount is determined by global medical inflation, and its validity is recognised globally.

The high cost of health care in Hong Kong could put some expats off, especially those with families, but investing in an international health insurance is an expat's ticket to peace of mind. After all, Hong Kong boasts a well-developed health care system, advanced facilities, highly qualified health professionals and links to the United Kingdom for accreditation and Canada for practice and certification.


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