Take a Leisurely Walk Along the New Kwun Tong Promenade



Hong Kong’s government has made an excellent project according to which an old industrial area of the city will be replaced with a stunning and modern promenade where you can have some fun, take long walks, read the book or even take a short nap.

When a city yearns for transformation, its government does everything needed to make some parts of it better than before. Usually some old and unsightly parts of the town are thus being transformed into new, modern and popular city districts. Every great city has a promenade designed for anyone willing to take long walks and have relaxing moments. Hong Kong thus tries to keep the pace up with other world’s metropolises and the city government has made the plan of building a new promenade called Kwun Tong Promenade. It is a completely new project enhanced with many facilities and what is interesting is that the promenade is a project of transformation of an old and industrial part of the city into modern and commercial city district.

Something New

For all the curious, Kwun Tong Promenade will have everything from cruise port, offices and shops to sports, tourism activities, hotels and pedestrian environment. But having in mind how complicated this project is, contractors have planned the promenade to be done until 2022. So far now a significant area has been transformed and if you visit Hong Kong these days, you will see that contractors have completed 200-metre boardwalk, performance area with terraced seating and a magnificent plaza that has all included sound, lighting and mist. Children’s playground has also completed, which is a positive info for all parents and their children. This year keeps bringing you novelties when it comes to New Kwun Promenade because new 750-meters are going to be built. You will also be able to enjoy the new shelters with benches, sitting-out areas and pavilions. And since Hong Kong promotes healthy lifestyle, the promenade will also contain exercise corners with equipment and area with fitness stations. So, it seems like the old industrial area has been excellently transformed into what every city yearns for and what all the citizens will definitely enjoy in.