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Hong Kong is very technically advanced and wired up. You should have no problems getting your phone and Internet communications up and running in a short time as service is often quick and efficient.

The major landline operator in Hong Kong is Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW).

Mobile Phone Providers



There are two free-to-air television services in Hong Kong. Asia Television Limited (ATV) operates the English Channel, World, and the Chinese channel, Home. Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) operates the English language channel, Pearl, and its Chinese channel, Jade. Cable and satellite TV are also available in Hong Kong.


The electrical current in Hong Kong is 220 volts, 50 cycles alternating current (AC). Electrical appliances from American will most likely need a transformer to be able to operate. Most plugs are three square prongs, like British plugs. Adapters can easily be bought in any supermarket or convenience store.


9/F Electric Centre, 28 City Garden Road, North Point

215 Fuk Wa Street, Shan Shui Po, Kowloon

Water Provider

1/F Immigration Building, 7 Gloucester Road


1/F Room 1008 United centre, 95 Queensway