Vaccinations in Hong Kong



Ensuring your health and safety should be a priority when you're living abroad. One of the ways to ensure your health is through having proper vaccinations.

Recommended vaccinations

All travellers are recommended to have influenza and hepatitis A vaccinations at least two weeks before travel to Hong Kong, while vaccines against diphtheria and tuberculosis should be administered at least three months before departure. Ten days before expected travel, vaccination against typhoid fever should also be taken, while routine shots for measles, mumps and rubella will also be helpful. There is no risk for malaria, Japanese B encephalitis, yellow fever, meningococcal meningitis and rabies so no vaccinations are necessary.

Vaccines against seasonal influenza, avian influenza and pandemic influenza are highly recommended but when unavailable in one's home country, an expat may want to have them administered by a Hong Kong doctor. Human immunodeficiency virus vaccination is not required in Hong Kong but for people who will be exposed to possibly contaminated blood and practice unsafe sex it is advisable.

Although there are no officially required vaccinations for travel to Hong Kong, recommendations are made based on existent health risks in the country. In order to ensure prevention of or protection from these risks, expats will benefit greatly from taking heed of all recommended precautions.