Visiting the Doctor in Hong Kong



Hong Kong's medical infrastructure consists of both private and public healthcare systems manned by competent, English speaking doctors in the many hospitals of the country.

The Hong Kong Public Doctors' Association and Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association are two major medical organisations providing the backbone of the entire health care system which is often recognised as one of the world's best. An international health insurance plan also provides expats with security for their health care needs.

Medical Facilities

Professional and hospital fees will vary depending on the required treatments and whether the hospital is public or private. Hence, it is wise always to save cash as neither clinics nor hospitals accept credit cards and will require upfront payments unless covered by insurance. Public hospitals will naturally cost less than private ones.

In general, public hospitals in Hong Kong offer excellent services and are under the watchful eye of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. The state offers subsidies for medical expenses, even for expatriate workers.

When coming to a hospital in Hong Kong for treatment, it is possible to be seen by different doctors each time. When visiting a private practitioner, a patient may be referred to a public hospital for laboratory examinations and other tests. Expats should also not be surprised to find hospitals and doctors in Hong Kong promoting traditional Chinese healing medicines and methods such as acupuncture, acupressure and moxibustion.

In Hong Kong, healing can be a combination of old and modern techniques. For expats living in Hong Kong, it is easy to feel safe and know there is a lot to feel secure about in this country.