Expat Insurance Services in Hong Kong

Health expenses are mostly covered by the state at public hospitals, of which there are 44 in Hong Kong offering very good health care, though often with long waits. All that is needed for coverage is a Hong Kong identity card. A small part of the bill must be paid in cash. Those without Hong Kong identity cards must pay at higher rates, which can be reimbursed by private health insurance policies.


There are also 12 private hospitals in Hong Kong with even higher quality health care that can be covered with private health insurance. Payment at private hospitals can be with check, credit card, or an accepted health insurance card. Dental insurance is additional. Most foreign workers in Hong Kong have private health insurance arranged with their employers. Greater medical coverage may be obtained for additional premiums.


There is a competitive insurance market in Hong Kong. It is possible to get household insurance, even as a tenant, to cover one's belongings and furniture in the event of damage or theft. This is sold by most major Hong Kong banks and can be purchased online. Another type of insurance that is mandatory in Hong Kong through income withholding is pension insurance, similar to social security retirement funds, though this is usually only applied to citizens and permanent residents.

Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Find the best international health insurance with the best coverage according to your specific situation and needs. Compare insurance providers, apply online or receive free quotes.

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Business Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Compare international health insurance plans to serve the needs of your employees working or traveling outside their home country. Apply online or receive free quotes.

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Life Insurance in Hong Kong

Peace of mind while living overseas. We help you find the cheapest and best policy for your needs.

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Car Insurance in Hong Kong

Get a free car insurance quote for the best coverage in your destination country. Find hassle-free policies written in english that adjusts to the local requirements.

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Property Insurance in Hong Kong

Free and easy quotes to help you choose the best insurance coverage for items damaged when traveling, during the relocation process or while staying overseas.

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Home Insurance in Hong Kong

Free and easy quotes to help you choose the best house insurance for property owners abroad. We help you find the best international building and contents insurance.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Hong Kong

Expats travelling for leisure or business, save time and money by comparing a large choice of Single trip travel insurance

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Hong Kong

If you are travelling more than once during the year, compare multi trip insurance and get the best value for money option

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