Single Trip Travel Insurance in Hong Kong

Over 176,000 people entered Hong Kong as immigrants within the last twelve months alone, quite a large number when the tiny size of the country is taken into account. If you will join these thousands of new residents through your travels, prepare with travel insurance single trip in Hong Kong.


IMG has been a consistent provider of global health insurance products over the past two decades, protecting travelers in Hong Kong and in most key areas of the world. The company operates with a thorough service policy that provides medical and dental health security for its clients, plus travel-specific features such as medical evacuation and repatriation.

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One of the most trusted names in the industry of global travel insurance is Multinational Underwriters. In Hong Kong, the Atlas Travel Series is one of the company's most in-demand products, a portfolio of short-term international medical plans which offer more than the standard features of a standard plan. For those who seek added security, this product comes with Optional Hazardous Sports, Emergency Medical Evacuation and even Acts of War and Terrorism coverage.

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