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There are over 200 countries around the world, each with their own unique laws and requirements expats will need to take into account when finding accommodation. In some countries, expats are able to purchase property just as easily as the locals, while in others there are no circumstances at all allowing a non-citizen to own property, and often no legal means of becoming a citizen!


For those living in those countries, as well as those who do not plan to live abroad long enough to make owning property worthwhile, there are various other means of finding accommodation. Serviced apartments are a popular option with the expat crowd, especially those overseas short-term on business assignments. Serviced apartments offer the same facilities and conveniences of home, and oftentimes even more than a typical home- such as a private gym, pool, grocery store and more. Typical apartments and flatshares are also popular choices for expats, as this type of accommodation allows the expat to delve more deeply into local life. Living among citizens, or even with citizens in the case of flatshares, offers a unique cultural experience to anyone willing to try out the lifestyle.


Real estate agents from the expat’s adopted country can be a lifesaver when it comes time to look for accommodation. Because these people are more familiar with local laws and regulations, they can see an expat through the process from beginning to end, whether this means signing a short three-month contract with a landlord or ensuring all proper documentation has been submitted when purchasing a property.


Not all accommodation refers to housing nowadays, however. With an ever expanding global business market, many expats choose to move abroad either to begin their own companies or to set up a branch of an existing company abroad. In these cases, an office search will be necessary. ExpatFinder offers lists of current serviced and un-serviced offices on the market all in one place, thereby saving time and money in the process.


It is a given that all expats will need some sort of accommodation for their time abroad, and beginning the search for this early cannot be understated. ExpatFinder offers a variety of options to suit expats of all needs and all budgets, from flatshare listings in rural India to glamorous serviced apartment listings in Singapore. Begin your search here and you will find it is unnecessary to look anywhere else.

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