Single Trip Travel Insurance in Iceland

There are firms that offer the cheapest travel insurance to Iceland. Travel insurance will provide you with emergency medical treatment when you are abroad. This can be obtained without the possibility of running up a huge medical bill. Expats can avail discounts with some Insurance Company’s promos.


IMG is available for purchase by expatriates before or after visiting Iceland and other countries. They offer a wide range of travel insurance single trip plans that are flexible and may add up more than six sections of optional additional coverage. These travel insurance plans are also renewable for up to 24 months.

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There over 6 million travelers per year who seek assistance from MultiNational Underwriter for all their travel insurance needs. Those travelling to Iceland and to other locations get to interact with their international claims specialists who are always available and reachable 24 hours a day. They also assist those who lost their luggage and in need of emergency evacuation.

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