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India may rightly boast of having the largest number of schools anywhere in the world, with a total of 740 thousand in the entire country. In the year 2001, India's rate of literacy had reached a height of 65%, but it is not clear if this figure refers to every one of the countless distinct scripts used for writing and reading the local languages.


Public schooling is provided in India to the public at no tuition expense to parents, although they will have to provide for things such as lunches, books, and exams that carry a fee like the entrance exam. Aside from the public schools, there is also an abundance of private and assorted denominational schools in India, comprising some 20 percent of the total number of schools.


Ever since the 1980s, attendance has been legally mandatory between the ages of 5 and 14 in India, but in actual practice, only around half of the children in India ever bother with attending classes. There is not a sufficient quantity of primary school teachers in India, and some of them are incompetent. Indian students can continue schooling past age 14 and enrol in secondary, and then higher education if they wish.

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