Emergency Numbers in India



Expats in India may feel more comfortable knowing the different emergency numbers they can call depending on the situation they find themselves in.

As foreigners, they may have difficulty finding people to help them during crucial moments but keeping these numbers in handy can be helpful and live-saving. 

For police situations, one may dial 100 and 101 for fire. To get an ambulance, one may call 102, 104 or 108. For accidents, one may call CATS or the Centralised Accident Trauma Services at 1099. Although not for emergency cases, a good number to note down for certain people could be 1097 which connects to the AIDS Control Centre. For child-related cases, one can call 1098.   

In some instances, hospitals may run out of blood for some patients' emergency blood requirements. Families of these patients may call the blood banks themselves, including the Bajaj Blood Bank at 25729849 or the Sunil Blood Bank at 297646. For power-related emergencies, people can call 1911 and for cooking gas leakage they can call 23543807 or 22968667. For weather inquiries, expats may dial 24611322. 

In many instances, emergencies have become unmanageable due to people's neglect of the necessity to keep emergency numbers in handy all the time. Minutes can be crucial, especially for medical situations. Thus, it is important to have these emergency numbers in a place that everyone can see in the house so anytime they are needed, they can be easily found.



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