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Getting insurance in India’s capital won’t be too difficult, but it can get complicated because of the developments and ongoing reforms that the insurance industry is experiencing in India. It would be more advisable for expats who wish to travel outside New Delhi to more rural areas in the country to have a widely locally recognisable insurance company, as some international companies might not be recognised in more rural areas. 

Getting Insurance

Insurance is not given automatically to foreign employees in the country, so if you would like to get company sponsored insurance, it’s best to negotiate the inclusion of private international insurance plan for your time in New Delhi in your expat contract. Most expats and locals alike prefer getting private insurance, as the public insurance in the city is still sub-standard and needs a vast improvement. Some of the most prominent insurance companies in the country are Tata AIG, ICICI Lombard, and HDFC ERGO General Insurance

Importance of Insurance

There are a few reasons to get insurance in New Delhi, and mostly it’s because the cost of medical emergencies and other types of emergencies can be quite expensive, because good service and facilities are hard to come by in the city, so the hospitals and other service centres or facilities that can offer the best care and services are very expensive. Aside from these reasons, New Delhi’s crime rate goes from moderate to high and insurance for property and valuable as well as health and emergency protection is very important. 

Local Insurance in New Delhi

As we mentioned earlier, if you plan to travel around India, it would be best to get insurance plans from companies with a recognisable name even in the rural areas such as the companies we mentioned above. Some international insurance companies cannot be recognised by some facilities in rural areas, and you might be obliged to pay in cash or be denied service.

The complicated insurance sector in India has spawned several institutions to study and improve it such as the National Insurance Academy and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. These institutions regulate and improve insurance services in the country.


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