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Getting insurance and protection services for your family while living in India won’t be too difficult because India’s insurance industry is extensive. There are several options for insurance coverage for regional, local, and international insurance in the country. All you need to do is learn about what types of insurance you’ll need in the country, and which policies fit your lifestyle the most. Learn more about India’s options for the health and protection of you and your family in the country.

Getting Insurance

As we mentioned earlier, the insurance industry in India is quite large, so getting the right insurance coverage in this country will not be very difficult though the public insurance sector for health and social security is not very efficient in the country. Foreign employees and their employers are required to make monthly contributions for tax, health, and social security services, which will be deducted from the employee’s monthly salary.

"One can find world class Healthcare facilities in India in metros but when it comes to tier 2 or tier 3 cities across India, quality healthcare is still a challenge, especially the language factor while trying to interact with medical practitioners, as, in most small cities or rural areas, the constraint is language."- Ashu Gaur, Expat in several countries

The private insurance sector in India, is one of the biggest in the world and it is also a big region for international insurance companies. International insurance companies are preferred by most expats in the country for their specialised expat services, and a worldwide range of coverage. Most of the world’s biggest players in the insurance industry have a local office and specific local services in India such as Bharti AXA General Insurance, Cigna TTK, and Tata AIG.

Importance of Insurance

India is not among the safest countries in the world. While the security in bigger cities is good, but there are still a lot of uncertainties with regards to health and protection in the country. Don’t risk your family’s health and protection by relying on savings for emergencies. There are also a lot of very specific services you can get with the right insurance plans. International insurance companies can offer repatriation and medical evacuation services, as well as roadside assistance and other customised products that can help you save money.

Local Insurance in India

There are several insurance companies that offer various insurance products in India. Even international insurance providers cater to the Indian market in a very local note. Private insurance has only been allowed quite recently in the country, and it has done very well ever since. The biggest insurance company in the country, Life Insurance Corporation of India, however, is still owned by the government.



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